Ah, love….

August 1, 2012 8:54 am | by

My heart is singing!  Yipee!  Yahoo!  I’m in LOVE!

On Monday, UPS delivered a box containing the pieces of an Ashford 16″ Table Loom.   As I’ve stated before, I’m quite direction challenged, so with Lindsay’s help (and a little bit from Jim), we completed the assembly on Monday night.

I was so excited about this new toy!  I had even measured out my warp in advance of it’s delivery!  I planned to use the new warping method that Deborah Chandler taught me two weeks ago.   I wasn’t exactly sure how to use a table loom, so I brought the booklet home with me to review on Monday night.  …hmm…..  I’m SO not a picture or directions person.  With just a touch of panic in my heart, I decided to watch the video provided by Ashford to make sure I understood everything.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning…  I’m confident.  I’m doing what I believe to be correct.  I’ve threaded my heddles, sleyed the reed, tied on to the front apron.   I’m all set to go.    …and then “Missy direction challenged” arrives on queue.  What a mess.  How can I tie on to the back apron if I’m already tied on to the front apron?  Feeling pretty stupid, I removed the ties on the front and proceeded to pull the warp through to the front.  I tied on to the back apron and then proceeded to wind the warp.  Everything seemed fine, until I tried to pull on it to adjust my tension.  The brake just slipped and slipped and I ended back up where I started.  At wits end, I enlisted the help of several friends… one to hold the break and crank, one to place the cardboard separators, one to do oh I forget now, and myself to hold the warp.  It was hysterical.  …and still the brake wouldn’t hold.


Enter Jim.  Jim who understands my direction limitations as he’s stuck dealing with them on a daily basis.   He says the gears are on backwards, so the brake can’t catch.  I drag out the picture showing the teeth on the gear and how they ARE correct.  …but in the end he’s right on track.  The gears WERE on correctly, I just wound the warp backwards!  Of course!  I guess I should have been facing north when I looked at the picture!

…fast forward to this morning.



Remember my first little love affair with weaving?  It was my little Cricket loom.  Just small enough to make you feel a part of it.  It’s like weaving with a little toy.  I’ve made so many fabulous things with it.

My new table loom is leaving me with the same warm fuzzy feeling!  There’s something intimate about weaving on a small loom.  Up close and personal.  It’s not work at all!  I’m just playing!  …and creating some beautiful holiday lace placemats in the process!

Wow!  I just LOVE this thing!  I’m going to get a few more to use in the class room at the shop – now that “Missy direction challenged” has the map facing north!

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  • Janet says:

    Love your story. I did the same type of dance with my first warp on my floor loom.
    But now, I am in Florida…my loom is in New York. Your pictures are making me miss my loom and crave a small table loom for small condo. Oh, dear!
    Looking forward to visiting your store soon. Can’t wait to see your new projects.

  • Robin Del Guidice says:

    Hurray! When I left you yesterday you were at a standstill. It looks awesome – I can’t wait to see how it progresses.