Do you hear banjos?

January 15, 2013 4:37 pm | by

Remember way back when… when Jenna and I began the saga of the dueling Lopi sweaters?

Well, they’ve been finished for a while now…


and we’re feeling it again…

Join us over the next few weeks (or more…) as we take on Cookie A’s German Stockings!  Four feet in knee socks!


We’ve both decided to use Sprout from The Fiber Seed – the long yardage and gorgeous colors were irresistible.   I’m using Spinel – a wonderful red that reminds me of crown jewels.  Jenna is using Celeste – a fabulous turquoise blue.  We’ve taken our measurements,  selected our needles, the winder is busily spinning our yarn into balls.

…we’re off on a new adventure.

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