Stained Glass and Diamonds

Stained Glass and Diamonds!

Woven by:  Caroline Rose Kerr

I love to travel and I have been fortunate to have visited some beautiful churches and cathedrals. I just love to look at the stained glass. All that color framed in black. It’s my favorite travel activity!

Stained glass is what I think of when I look at this scarf. The yarn has been hand dyed in brilliant colors to simulate the glass I love so much. I’ve woven diamonds in black over the top of that beautiful color which glimmers through as background on one side and shines predominately on the other. I hope you love this creation as much as I do!

Handwoven with 100% tencel for a fabulous drape and feel!  Perfect for any climate.  


Size: The scarf is approximately 7″ wide x 68″ long, excluding the fringe.

Price:  $125  Please contact us to purchase an item, or to schedule a showing.


Sorry, this item has been sold.  Please contact us if you would like something similar.