I feel wicked… And the horror of it all

January 30, 2013 9:32 am | by

Where to start.

I have had so much fun today – a long long day flying coast to coast to attend the annual TNNA market in Long Beach. I brought along this little project… Perhaps you’ve heard Jenna and I talking about our duel knitting adventure with Cookie A’s German Stocking. Duel… We’re each knitting a pair. Duel… It’s clearly a race. We’re both extremely competitive.

I mentioned that all day flight… I’ve been knitting feverishly… Nearly maddeningly. I’ve been downright wicked, making this awful cackling sound as I laugh my most evil laugh. I know it’s wrong to enjoy making so much progress on my sock as Jenna keeps the shop running in my absence, but I can’t help myself. I’m just wicked.

And so here it is…


Done! One anyway. Finished it on the plane as we were getting ready to land at LAX.

…and the horror?

I left the yarn for the second sock in Tampa! I had pretty serious thoughts of calling Jim and asking him to sneak down to the shop in the dead of night… The yarn is in my file drawer…. Would you FedEx it to me in California without letting Jenna know? In the end, I could almost see the face he would have made… Are you NUTS?

…and of course the answer would have been… Most certainly.

Jenna, you’ve got a week. If you’re not finished with the pair by next Wednesday, I’m still coming for you!