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Yay!  It’s time for classes!

Are you looking for a new project?  We’re ready for you!  We’ve been busy creating fun knitting, crochet, and weaving classes for you.  We’ve developed some new knitting and crochet project classes, as well as repeated a few favorites.  Click here to pop over to our classes pages.

There’s still time to sign up for Schmetterwurm! What in the world is a Schmetterwurm?! This stunning Tunisian Crocheted shawl is a fabulous – and easy – project. You will learn the Tunisian simple stitch as well as the Tunisian eyelet technique. The result is this stunning asymmetrical shawl. You can choose sport, fingering or lace weight yarn to make the garment that is perfect for you. In the class we will complete a swatch that will teach you how the pattern works, and all the tips and tricks to make it easy as pie.

Brand new this season… a full multi-shaft weaving curriculum! These exciting new project classes have been designed for the weaver who has already completed the basic “Intro to Multi-Shaft” weaving class, or who already has the skills to measure and warp their loom.  Not to worry though… If you are excited about these projects, but have not yet taken the basics, we have an “Intro” class on the schedule too!  Each of our new weaving project classes has been created with either a 4H or 8H loom in mind.  You will need to bring your loom with you to class.  If you have a “non-portable” loom, or need an 8H and own a 4H, we may have a table loom available for rent.  Contact Caroline to check on equipment availability. All weaving classes will be held in “Old West Tampa” at the home of the instructor.  Class size is small (1 to 3 students), so register early! 

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