Lopi Showdown

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Showcase Showdown
It’s the Lopi Showdown!

So as Caroline mentioned earlier, she and I have, oh how to put this nicely? A bit of a problem… I have jokingly referred to it as startitis. I friggin’ love to start projects. I mean I loooooooove to start projects. I love shopping for yarn, matching the perfect yarn to the perfect pattern and buying it so fast it would make your head spin. There’s nothing better than going home with your spoils, organizing it up into its own project bag, pulling needles, making pattern notes, the whole nine yards. Heck! I might even cast it on! And if I do cast it on, I will work diligently at it for hours on end. But, oh my, I come to work the next day. And UPS drops off a big box full o’ yarn. My eyes get big as dinner plates and I have to have it… and the sick, sick process starts all over again.

While working full time at a LYS has exacerbated this, erm, condition; I’ve always been this way. So you can (maybe) imagine the ridiculous stash[1] of yarn and partially started projects I’ve amassed in the last 12 or so years since becoming a passionate knitter.

As Caroline mentioned earlier, we got to talking last night, and realized that we both had Lopi sweaters in common. Last time I had looked at mine was probably 2008. I vaguely recalled having finished the bottom band and the bit of Fair Isle above it. So, we decided to have a bit of a race.


As it turns out, “just the band and the fair isle bit at the bottom” actually meant the entire body to the underarm and a third of a sleeve, so have I have a bit of an advantage.

About that sleeve… For some reason that is now lost to the ages, I was knitting the sleeve on a US 11 needle which was netting a gauge of about 10 sts/4 inches instead of the 13 sts/4 inches the pattern calls for. Now, I’m a rather tight knitter, and generally go up one needle size higher than the pattern recommends. This pattern calls for a US 10. Why ever would I be knitting on a US11? It’s very possible that when I started this sweater I had no idea such a thing as a 10.5 needle existed. In my defense, I rarely knitted on anything larger than an 8, so there was no reason I really needed to know such a thing existed. (Probably. Also, did I mention that I started this sweater in 2004?) I frogged the sleeve and restarted it with a fresh ball of yarn. On DPNs that I have no recollection of buying.

So far so good! I have finished the ribbing and increase row; I’ll be buying a set of US 10.5 DPNs and starting the Fair Isle tonight.

[1] I have more than 80 skeins of sock yarn. It’s not right.

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