Lopi Sweater, Thy Name is Struggle.

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I don’t know how people knit to a deadline. I hate hate hate hate HATE knitting to a deadline. It doesn’t matter how excited about the thing I’m knitting I am,  nor does it matter how far off the deadline is. I will find a way to blow past it, and in grand style. I’m the girl that’s still awake at 5am Christmas morning trying to knit another 5 inches down the back of a grey boucle sweater coat so that it can be finished before lunch the next day*.

In fact, just talking about deadline knitting is making me want to walk away from the computer. Which I won’t do, but I’m now coming up with about 77 other things I could be doing which seem far more attractive than deadline knitting and talking about deadline knitting. Up to and including dusting the baseboards. (Seriously. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaate it.)

Which is why I found myself doing darn near anything but knitting on my Lopi sweater this weekend.  My plan was to get some serious work done on it during the Game of Thrones marathon I was embarking upon. (The whole of the second season in one day, ending with the season finale, which did not disappoint. But that’s another entry.) So I sat down with my Magic Loop’d sleeve, and I was ready to go. I did well at first, I knit three whole rounds. But then the trouble started… I’d knit half a round and then with the intention of just checking my email, just for a second, I’d pick up my iPhone. Or I was going to watch just this one scene of Game of Thrones, because I didn’t really remember it from the first go round. Or any number of other distractions. Deliberately sabotaging myself again and again.  I decided to give up on it after about 3 hours of knitting and only about 12 rounds done. I did get a lot done on my Wingspan, though, so it wasn’t a total loss.  

At the time I couldn’t figure out at all why I couldn’t keep knitting on my sleeve. It’s not a difficult part in the pattern; It’s just increasing a couple of stitches every ninth or so row 6 times. Just plain ole, in-the-round stockinette. Perfect television knitting! The only thing I could think of at all was that it was being done on the Magic Loop. (Full disclosure: I used to really dislike Magic Loop, I’ve come around on it, and find myself using it rather often. It’s a useful thing, and while it’s still not my favorite way to knit small diameters circularly, I will acknowledge that it’s a good skill to have and it’s saved me from many an “oh-crap-I-don’t-have-a-set-of-size-whatever-DPNs-and-my-other-size-whatever-circular-needle-is-in-a-project”) I was working my sleeve on a 32″ and it just wasn’t comfortable. I felt like I was constantly tugging on needles, or I was going to lose my loop, or that I was distorting the stitches at the join, and I was just not loving it.  So I went to 
KnK on Monday, ostensibly to purchase a second circ.  While I was here, I spent the better part of 2 hours trying to find a project to start. Yes, really.  I wasn’t kidding. It’s a sickness. When I got home, new project-less, I got the sleeve going in the round on 2 circs and was much happier with it for a time, but then it was right back to the finding anything else to do but knit on it. 

I couldn’t believe it. 

“It’s a race,” I thought. “I have a wicked competitive streak,” I thought. “What is going on here?! Knit, dang it! Knit!” My fingers twitched, my needles glinted in the Ott Light, the yarn fuzzed at me alluringly… but I just couldn’t do it. And that’s when I realized that “finish my sweater before Caroline finishes hers” = deadline. And therein lies my struggle. It’s a battle between my competitive streak and my loathing of deadlines.

How am I handling it? Not well. It’s pretty much a forced march. I’ve now got all of the sleeve increases in and have about 2.5″ of plain knitting left before it’s finished. When it’s finished? I get to buy yarn for a new Clapo-Ktus. That’s right. I’ve resorted to bribing myself to knit with the promise of… getting to knit. I’m not well. :p

*True story: it was a coat for my mother. In interest of presenting a finished looking thing, I had sewn on the collar and sleeves, the buttons were on, and I had even seamed the sleeves closed. All that was left was to finish the back and sew the side seams. Which I did. Before lunch.

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  • Lopi – I LOVE lopi!

  • Jenna says:

    I do, too! I’m kicking myself for not finishing this sweater when I still lived in Chicago (which is where I lived when I bought the yarn and started the sweater 8 years ago). I don’t think I’ll get much use out of it down here in the sub-tropics.