Pride cometh before the fall…

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Have you ever done something that you didn’t think you were capable of?  …at least not yet?  I have this habit of learning a little something new, and then getting all kinds of excited to put it into action.  I’m not talking a little bit of action either.  I climb that cliff, take off my shoes, and jump right into the water… without looking.  …have I mentioned that in real life I have a fear of heights, and I don’t really swim…

…and so begins the saga of the “City Check Double-Weave Runner”.  Last week’s class left me so inspired to try a “real” double-weave project that I spent a fun evening looking through a box full of old issues of Handwoven that were gifted to me by a generous customer.  With the Kitchen Explorations project off the loom, I was in need to get something going NOW.  I found it in a May/June 1992 issue… perfect… double weave, AND 10/2 cotton in colors I already had!

With draft in hand, I proceeded to measure out my warp.  I added an extra 3 inches for safety… but neglected to notice that the warp calculation allowed for 27″ of waste.  3/4 of the way through winding my 720 threads onto the warping board I glanced over at the magazine and noticed this little tidbit of information.  Of  course.  I like 36″ of loom waste so that I don’t get all mangled up at the end of the project.  With my 3″ safety net, I’m still short 6″.

Move on…  I decided that it would be OK if I lashed the warp on instead of my usual tie on method.  Maybe I can save a few inches that way, and if I leave 4 inches of lashing… Well that’s my plan anyway.  Having never lashed on the warp before, I started up the cliff.  I had the shoes off.  …but then I looked before jumping.  What a mess I made trying to loosen and tighten up each bundle.  Not really a fan of lashing.  Perhaps I should ask someone who knows how to do it properly to guide me.  It’s done at any rate.

Friday afternoon and the weaving begins.  It’s happening!  I can see the pattern emerging!  hmm.  Why is the red showing through in the white blocks?  hmm.  nevermind.  weave some more, maybe it’ll go away… OK not.  I was so careful – or so I thought.  I checked every thread…all’s fine.  I checked the tie ups – which I was particularly proud to have checked before I started weaving… and so cometh the fall.  Missed the very first one.  Fine.  Out come the scissors to remove the first 4″ of weaving.  My first discovery… I don’t like pulling out double-weave – you can’t see the bottom, and the scissors look mighty LARGE and SHARP next to my fine little cotton threads.  It was fine, and so the weaving began anew.

Fast forward to Saturday evening… I’m happily weaving beautiful fabric.  I’m so darn impressed with myself – doing something I didn’t think I could do and all… Jim almost tripped over the pile of pride that surrounded the loom when I asked him to come take a look at my creation.  I showed him how the top was completely different from the bottom.



…and then I saw it.

“Dashes” where there should have been “boxes”… FOURTEEN INCHES back in the fabric – the DOUBLE-WEAVE fabric!


Speechless.  ..well not really, there were words that are not really appropriate for this forum.


I have this habit of trying to tell myself that “it’ll be fine”, “you can live with it”, “it’ll be a learning experience”.  …and then reality sets in and the real me comes out – the me that is a perfectionist, always seeking perfect, but never quite making it.

I’m not feeling well rested today.  The “real me” had a field day with my dreams last night.  “Take it out!  Cut it with the LARGE scissors!” in thundering booms  …”NO!  It’ll be fine” in tiny whispers.    I do believe that the first words out of my mouth as I opened my eyes this morning were… “it’s gotta go”.  Mind you, I don’t really speak until well after coffee, so you can imagine the confusion on Jim’s face.

Breakfast finished, I’m off to the shop to tackle the error.  I opted for taking it out slowly, treadling backwards, one pick at a time.  The scissors were just too sharp for me in my sleep deprived state.

It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought!  1 1/2 hours maybe.  I can weave again!  …and maybe it can be perfect… we’ll see.

Oh… that pile of pride that Jim nearly tripped over?…  That’s the pile of string at the top of this post.

… and so the little perfectionist in me whispers… “you know if you had fixed that little edge you didn’t like when it happened, you’d have seen those #$%#$ dashes when you were working on the very next block!

I know, I know.  I would have always looked at that spot.


It’s gone now.


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