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…so it’s been five days since Jenna and I embarked on our Cookie A German Stocking adventure.  I’ve discovered a couple of things.  YES, I am competitive.  I’m having issues with the fact that Jenna seems to be moving right along with her sock.  I find myself staring out of the corner of my eye to see her progress, without letting her know that I’m feeling quite behind.  She’s working the motif chart already.  I’m NOT.

I decided to try a tubular cast on for the top of my socks.  I have  problems with my socks falling down, so I wanted a more elastic cuff.  I found  really great video on YouTube that used Judy’s Magic Cast On as a base.  I know that one, so I figured it would be a breeze.  You cast on the number of stitches you need using Judy’s method, then knit one round.  When that’s complete, you use another needle to knit one stitch from the front needle and then purl one stitch from the back.  Ingenious!  Pretty clumsy though.  I used a size zero needle to work the cast on and then moved to the size 1 1/2 for the sock.  It took about 30 minutes for me to get the 122 stitches onto the size 1 1/2!  I told myself it was worth it and proceeded to cast on for the second sock.

2 1/2 inches of twisted rib.  On two socks.  On 122 stitches each.  Two long evenings work.

Another 2 1/2 inches of stockinette to finally get to the motif area.  I’m really taking this seriously.  I’m armed with my iPhone Vogue Knitting app – I’ve set up a project for my German Stockings.  I’ve even set up a counter for each sock so that I can make sure that I work the same number of rows.  These socks are going to be perfect.

Alas, you know my story about the quest for perfect.  Ok, so I’m competitive AND consistent.

Friday night, the socks are ready for the motif.  I’m working from an early copy of the pattern.  It’s a bit confusing.  Jenna has already downloaded the new pattern and says it’s much better.  I decided to download the book Knit. Sock. Love. – there are bunches of socks I may just HAVE to knit.   Armed with my Nook, I proceeded to review the pattern.  Yes.  It’s definitely better.  I’m ready, but I decide that maybe I’ll try them on to see how they look.

Hmm.  Aparently I missed the bit about negative ease when measuring.  The cuff isn’t too bad, but it certainly won’t stay up – even with the tubular cast on.  The leg portion would probably fit my thighs, but certainly not my calf.

The new sock is much smaller.

Man.  Look at the difference in the new sock at the top!  I’m still going for perfect, but it sure wasn’t with my first try!

So… I’m progressing along, but not with as much excitement at the moment.


Triston's new blanket

My nephew is in need of a new blanket.  I’m going to tackle double width again.  This time I’ve selected an 8 dent reed so that the fabric won’t be so dense and hopefully easier to weave.

I’ve sleyed the reed and am in the process of threading.  It’s moving along quite smoothly.

Quarter of the way done

…and for your Sunday afternoon chuckle…

Stool fit for a queen

Don’t you just love my little threading stool?  Makes me feel so important.  I think it’s meant for a two year old to stand on when brushing his teeth.  Little two year old feet.  It’s NOT meant for my tush!

By the way… did you notice the corner of the treadmill that’s been pushed into the corner with the arrival of my Harrisville loom?  I suppose if it saw some action the stool might not look so darned comical.

…I probably won’t test that theory.

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