The real cost of color

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There is nothing quite like the excitement of seeing colors blend and work together to make something entirely new.  

I have this rolling rack in my studio, filled with colorful cones of cotton yarns just waiting to become inspiration for a new project.  I’ve spent countless hours just looking and dreaming at the colors on the rack, working them into stripes and pattern ready for the loom. I’ve always seen them as “solids”, measures of color, blue and red and green.  Perhaps it’s my knitters background.  Colors sit next to each other forming neat stripes and patterns without intermingling – each color retains it original value.  With practice, it’s becoming easier for me to “see” color from a weavers eye.  I am adventurous with those neat stripes of solid color in my warp.  I don’t have a problem mixing the stripes up with “odd” colors and varying widths, but in the end, my stripes are still basically “solids”.

In November, I received my copy of Shuttle, Spindle and Dyepot – the publication put out by Handweavers Guild of America.  As I devoured the issue, I spotted a write up for “The Weaver’s Weevil” by Rebecca Fox.


Her book is subtitled “How to bust that weaving stash!”.  I’ve got STASH.  I mean serious STASH.  

The Weaver’s Weevil immediately went on my Christmas list to help Jim out with his shopping.  That and a warping paddle.  

Christmas has come and gone.  I’ve been inspired by my new book, but have been a little intimidated by the thought of holding all of those colors in my hand while measuring out the warp.  I’ve dreamed of WILD mixtures of color in a waffle weave structure, but my dreams evaporate as I imagine the tangled mess I’ll encounter as the yarn lifts off of all of those cones.  I’m still dreaming.  I’m still inspired.  I just need a plan for yarn management.

Football season is over.  My mouth is silently whispering YAY at the top of my lungs!  I am a football widow. From early in August, until late in January, Jim is absent on Sunday.  And on Monday night.  And now on Thursday night too.  He loves football.  I mean LOVES it.  I’m selfish.  I miss spending time with him.  I miss coming up with projects for him.  I love February!  He’s all MINE!

Enter my plan for yarn management.  I can thread 20 colors through my warping paddle.  I need a way to hold 20 cones of yarn while lifting yarn off of each cone separately, at table height.  We sketched out a plan and headed for Lowes.  $63 later, we emerge with lumber, eye hooks, screws and a smile.  The smile is mine.  

I have an empty loom…  Perhaps tomorrow I’ll be twisting and bending color into a fabulous waffle weave.

Oh Yeah!  It’s tomorrow, and I’m in color heaven!  




Set… He’s installed removable pegs so that I can accommodate cones of different sizes.



Up first - RED

Up first… RED!

Next - GREEN!

Next – GREEN!

and finally BLUE!

and finally BLUE!

504 threads.  12 yard warp.  90 minutes.  


…and the cost of color?  $63 and a wonderful man!  


This is for Jim! LOVE you!

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