Something Red

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It’s been nearly a year since I found you.  You were just a little fling in the beginning.  You were just a tiny little loom, but you just wove yourself into my heart.  I’m talking about my Schacht Cricket.  She was so easy to fall in love with.

I have a fiber problem.  Well, yarn really – I like it in balls, skeins, cones… I love the color, the texture, the possibilities of it all.  I love my problem.  My issue with this problem is that I can sometimes  get bored with a project once I figure it out.  Who am I kidding… that really happens quite often.   As a result, I end up with a gazillion started projects.  Now, I’m not complaining.  I love to start projects, and I finish loads of them, but there’s guilt involved.  You know, the guilt that says… “come on… really?  do you really need to start something else?”.   And then there’s the other guy… the one sitting whispering in my other ear… “but that new yarn, it’s so pretty.  it could be fantastic!  come on… start it!”.  The “other guy” usually wins.

That’s where my love affair with weaving began.  I quickly discovered that I could start something on my Cricket, and it was DONE in no time!  I loved it more and more every time I used it.  Plain weave.  I didn’t want to try anything else.  I just loved the way I could intermingle color and texture and watch as they blended every time I pulled the reed to my heart and beat in the next row.

… but the love affair bloomed and  blossomed as summer turned into fall, and fall into winter.  I’ve graduated.  My first love is still my favorite, my little Cricket… I’m weaving!  I’m really weaving!  I still love plain weave, but I’ve found another love.  It’s my new Mighty Wolf 8-shaft.  Wow.

I’m just a beginner… and that’s so much fun.  My projects have been beautiful, but alas not perfect yet.  I’m still working on that.  I really thought I had it on this one.  I’m calling it “Something Red” because I had planned to do some holiday table linens with red, green and white, but never got around to them in time.  I had all of this gorgeous red cotton… I needed to do something red.

…and so it began about a week and a half ago.  A table runner.  Of course.  That great long table at Knit ‘n Knibble.  Perfect.

I found a beautiful draft.  Made may calculations.  Measured the warp.  Moved it to the loom and threaded for my pattern.  Such a proud moment.  I did it myself – no questions asked.

The weaving began a week ago.  I’m nearly finished.  It’s 180″ of red and white splendor.  It should be off the loom by the end of next week.  Yea!  I can start something new!

Oh did I mention… I’ve started a bunch of new knitting projects in the past couple of weeks too.  Weaving, my love, you send the “guilty guy” packing.  I can start and finish!

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