Be still my knitter’s heart!

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It’s that time of year… that time when no matter how early in the year you began, there’s just not much time left to complete those projects for those special someones.  No exceptions here.  

It finally occurred to me on Saturday evening that I was going to be in trouble.  Oh the math of it all!  If it takes 12 minutes to do a 2 row pattern repeat, and there are 6 repeats to a block, followed by 6 rows of garter at 4 minutes each, and I need 18 repeats to reach the length needed for a 6’4″ man, but I only have 6 repeats completed, and then I have to weave in the ends on this and the other afghan….  It was just about then when Jim walked in to find me biting my lips and mumbling numbers like a fool.  It may happen, but it’s more likely that this afghan will be gifted, complete with a beautiful set of shiny Addi Turbos attached.  Please don’t let these two man sized afghans end up in the dog kennels!  Not everyone appreciates the value of a hand knit gift.

…and then there are those that do.

TJ @ 3

He’s not so little anymore!

I have a ten year old nephew who has been raised in my hand knits.  Sweaters, slippers, hats, blankets… You name it, I knit it for him.  He has always loved my knits!  At 3, he climbed into my lap and whispered “Auntie Caroline, I need new socks.  My feet are too big”.  No kidding!  He now wears a mans size 10!  At ten years old!  Birthday and Christmas sweaters were always on needles ready to be gifted to my sweater loving boy.  Big Boy.  Like… man sized boy.  I screwed up one year and decided to weave him a blanket instead of knitting a sweater.  Disappointment.  Every package held the possibility of a hand knit sweater from Auntie Caroline, but it just wasn’t there.  He MISSED my sweater!  I swore to myself that I wouldn’t allow that disappointed face to make another Christmas visit. …and so, his hand knit, man sized sweater was mailed out on Saturday.

This afternoon, I received a call from a ten year old who was very excited to have received a package in the mail.  Not until Christmas I told him… As most kids will do, he tried to weasel the contents out of me…  

“Is there a sweater in there?”

Maybe.  You’ll have to wait and see.




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