The Claw

February 19, 2012 3:58 pm | by

Six.  What’s your problem?

It seems that every time I choose a project to knit, I’m picking up those size six needles again.  It’s become quite a joke in my circle of knitters… what size needle do you need?  Of course, a six.  I’m sure I understand the attraction.  The fabric that falls beneath those size six needles is “mine”.  It’s not too bulky, not too fine.  In the words of Goldilocks, I find that fabric to be “just right”. 

and so, it goes…  Yes please, I’d like another size six.  I must own a hundred of those things.  In my knitting bag today, I’m working on a lacey wrap, a cute linen blend skirt, a woolen mitered blanket, a heavily cabled aran pullover, and a little top down childs cardigan – and yes… they’re ALL on size six.

I know better.  My hands deserve to be treated with a little more respect.  It’s dangerous to let those sixes get ahold of me for so long. 

… and yet I continue to seek out yarns that will fall beneath the needles in that “just right” way.  That size six way. 

Maybe tomorrow I’ll do better.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll be a smarter knitter and recognize that I should knit on other sizes to give my poor hands a break.  Maybe tomorrow I won’t sit here whining about “the claw” that has replaced the hand that used to make those needles fly. 

Maybe, but probably not.  😉

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