We weave.

We dye.

We knit.

We crochet.

We sew.


We’re crafty and creative!  We are always busy dreaming up something new to make.  Sometimes, it’s for someone special.  Sometimes, it’s just because we love to make pretty things… That’s where you come in!  

Thank you for visiting our “Handmade for Sale” page.  We hope you find something pretty, for your someone special!

We’ll be updating these pages often over the next few weeks.  Check back for updates often, as we have sooooo much to add here!

We’ll be starting with accessories… adding kitchen textiles next, then bags and other miscellaneous items. As we add categories, you’ll find more images appearing below – each image will take you over to the associated pages… just click on the picture and you’ll pop into our world of color and texture!

Please contact us to purchase an item, or to schedule a showing.


Handwoven, Hand Knit & Crocheted, and Beautiful Hand Dyed Accessories