Hand Dyed


We’ve hand dyed a selection of 100% silk scarves perfect for everyday wear.  Add a splash of color to any outfit and make today a special one!  We’ve grouped the scarves below by size/shape.  Because these scarves are hand dyed, you’ll want to click on the images to see additional angles and colors found in the scarves.  

Habuti scarves are shown below.  We also have a fabulous selection of silk chiffon and silk Habuti infinity scarves.  Please visit those pages too!  

Care:  All of our silks are easy care.  Hand wash.  Hang to dry.  Press if needed with a warm iron.

All of our hand dyed silk scarves are priced at  $35 each.  

Please contact us to purchase an item, or to schedule a showing.

Habuti Silk Scarves

Each scarf measures approximately 72″ long and 14″ wide.

Hand Dyed Habuti

Turquoise, Green, Yellow and White

Habuti Silk Scarf

Denim, Magenta, and Slate

Habuti Scarf

Fuchsia and Tangerine

Habuti Silk Scarf


Hand Dyed Scarf

Violet, Amber, Fuchsia and White

Turquoise, Coral, Green & White

Hand Dyed Silk

Turquoise, Violet, Green & White

Hand Dyed Silk

Carnation & Tangerine

Hand Dyed Silk

Violet, White & Fuchsia

Hand Dyed Silk

Fuchsia, Tangerine & Coral

Hand Dyed Silk

Violet, Purple, & White

Hand Dyed Silk

Violet, Purple, Fuchsia, & Carnation

Hand Dyed Silk

Turquoise, Violet, Yellow

Hand Dyed Silk

Fuchsia, Yellow, Turquoise & White