Inventory the addiction…

May 31, 2012 9:32 am | by

Last night, as the shop was getting ready to close, Jenna and I were just chatting about things… you know, yarn things. Things we’d love to knit. New things. New yarn. It’s always so exciting.

…and then the conversation turned into guilty things. You know… I can’t. I have so many things started already. Just yesterday, I posted a few pictures of the items that I’ve started over the past couple of weeks. There are MORE. Jenna laughed… “I can’t get that yarn today – I started 14 things a week or so ago!”

…and so the conversation continued.

Caroline:    I really want to knit something out of that red 4 ply soft. I have a pattern already picked out.

Jenna:        I already have 4 ply soft. From 3 years ago! Haven’t started the project yet.

Caroline:    I’ve got 3 bags in the classroom with projects ready to go… One is from Rowan 40… when it first came out! I haven’t started them yet.

As it turns out, we both have projects in our queues just waiting for “never” to come around so we can start them! As it turns out, we have hundreds of projects in varying stages of abandonment. As it turns out, many of them are even in the same yarn!

…and so a new idea begins to form. We should pull some of those out. We should work on them together. I started to hear banjos. Deliverance banjos. I still hear them this morning. Dueling project finishing. I’m amped up about this! I can hardly wait.

Remember that bag of lopi from yesterday? It was staring at me as I grabbed my purse from the office. In passing, I mentioned to Jenna that I really want to start it. Imagine my delight when she conspiratorially mentioned… “You know, I have an alafoss lopi sweater on the needles from way back. “

… and so it begins. Lopi on the needles! Wahoo!

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