I’ve been….distracted.

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One of the problems with being a process knitter is that the “product” often gets kicked to the side.  People have asked me “what is my favorite thing to knit… or crochet… or weave”.  I’ve thought about that somewhat.  My answer will now and forever be… “Something New”.   I have a bad case of “ooh shiny”.  No matter how in love I am with a current project, something new can always suck me in.  I have this wall at the shop… actually, there are two walls at the shop, plus one at home… The wall(s) attempt to put a semblance of order to the result of the “ooh shiny” problem.  I can walk past when I’m feeling “fickle” and choose any number of projects.

I’ve had this stupid cold the past few weeks.  It makes me feel run down and lazy.  It’s just about gone now and I’m very thankful.  I’m generally not the kind of person who wants to laze about doing nothing of substance.  But that’s the way it’s been lately.  I haven’t been able to get motivated about much of anything.   …and so, I’ve been distracted.

Hence the picture of the wall.  I’ve walked the aisles of the shop, looking for something new to make me feel better.  There was a short infatuation with Yolanda – a pretty black and gold somewhat lacy shawl, but… I’m a blue jeans kind of girl.

I grazed past the cotton walls.  I know that I should be knitting cotton – after all it’s Florida.  This morning it was 70 degrees at 6:15am.  Really?  Already?!  Nothing seemed to pique my interest.  Then it happened.  I was just standing there, minding my own business, winding some yarn at the swift for a customer.  Right under my nose, just at eye level.  I touched it.  It was so soft.  How did I miss that before?  Quick, check the gauge.  NOT a size 6!  Wahoo!  Here it comes… ooh shiny…. distracted again.  Gotta find a pattern.  Quick.

…and so it began… again.  Something new.  It’s been a week now, and I’m still infatuated!  This has got to be the one.  I feel better when I work on it.  I’m motivated to get it finished.  I’ve actually set a date to wear it!  Riveting from Kollage Yarns.  Have you seen it?  Wow.


Truly, I’m a jeans kind of girl.  In the heat of summer though, they can be pretty hot to wear.  My new love is a mid calf length recycled blue jeans skirt – well it will be.  Just a little bit of lace on the ruffle at the bottom, and a teensy bit of diagonal purl bump texture on the rest of the skirt.  Her name is Wanda, and she’s a beautiful design from Trudy Van Stralen at Louet.  I reversed the knit to begin at the bottom so I could try on and end where I wanted at the waist.

Size 3’s.  I love fine gauge knitting.  At one point in my life, I was smaller.  I’m not anymore.  So fine gauge knitting makes for skinny fabric, which makes me feel smaller anyway :’).  It takes a while, but it’s worth it.

And so, I’m motivated again.  Time to hit some of those “process” items from the wall.  Busy busy.

Crochet uses different muscles than knitting.  I found this great Rowan wrap sitting on the wall.  It’s a wonderful distraction.  Pretty.  Fine gauge.  Small blocks, so I get a chance to finish something each time I complete a section.  This will do fine.

Kitchen Explorations 3

Weaving too…  My Kitchen Explorations project is still enticing.  I’m having fun planning pattern #4, but in the meantime here’s a shot of #3.

To the Gusset and Beyond

Let’s not forget the Gansey.  I’m into the gusset area.  I spent a good bit of time on it last week, but my Riveting skirt kicked it to the side.  This weekend I plan to finish the gusset and split for the front and back.  I’m so pleased with this project, and even though it’s been sitting idle this week, I’m still ahead of schedule.

You know… I’m suddenly not feeling so distracted.  Cool.

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