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I LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVe WOOL.  I do realize that I live in Florida, but I just can’t help it, I absolutely love WOOL.  When the thermometer dips into the chilly mid-80’s for the first time, I can feel the smile widening on my lips.  It’s coming!  It’s nearly here!  I can hardly wait for UPS to arrive each day with new treasures destined for my needles.  You may not hear it, but I’m humming to the tune from Oliver Twist… “WOOL, glorious WOOL“.  Well, that’s not really how it goes, but that’s the way I hear it!  

It’s almost overwhelming.  There are so many things I want to make.  This is the time of year that I totally lose my sanity when it comes to the difference between what I need and what I want.  It’s really pretty clear.  I want it ALL!  And I’m hard pressed to hold myself back.

Perfect example… the new Rowan magazine 52 came in a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve had a long standing relationship with magazine 40.  40, more than any other single publication I’ve ever seen, is chock full of patterns that I’m sure were designed just for me.  I return time and time again to knit from it pages.  This summer, when I caught my first glimpse of 52  during a visit with my Rowan rep, I could feel trouble brewing.  40… you’d better watch out.  52 is going to  kick your heels for a top spot on my shelf.

…here’s how it went.  The invoice arrived in my e-mail box Sunday night.  Eeek!  It’s coming!  We’re only 2 days away!  I couldn’t begin to tell you what was on my “duty plate” for Monday morning.  It really didn’t matter.  52 was on the way!  With pad and pencil ready, I couldn’t wait for the magazine to arrive so I headed out to Rowan’s website to plan my attack.  In the end, there were eight or nine patterns that would end up on my needles in the very near future.  Forgetting that whole Florida thing, I prioritized the projects that would have to be started on Tuesday when the yarn arrived.

Skye… This would be for Jim.  I love fair isle.  I really wanted to knit the Orkney cardigan for me, but if I started Skye, I could get that finished quickly and start something else.  It’s one of those really easy fair isle projects that lets your mind wander as you knit.  The colors are absolutely fabulous!  I’m having such fun.  There’s a pic of the back below – from start to finish – 3 days.  I’m working on the front now, but the time has been shared with my weaving.

Eigg Slippers… These will be for me.  At this moment, they are patiently waiting in their little yarn balls until…   Maybe next week.  I’ve taken them home with me several times, but Skye has kept my interest.  I have to tell you that it’s an unusual thing for a project to hold my attention for long.  It’s the blending of four self striping colors that’s got me hooked.  …and of course it’s WOOL.

I’m just dying to knit Shannon.  I love cables and this one is knit in one of my favorite yarns – Kid Classic.  I really don’t NEED another aran style sweater, but I think I will knit this one anyway.  Maybe if I turn down the air conditioning…  And the saga continues.  There are WOOL socks and vests and sweaters and leg warmers and…  Yup – 40 is starting to get worried.  And rightly so.

I’ve been crocheting too.  I found these great Mukluk’s on Ravelry.  Of course I had to make them!  I hadn’t ever worked tapestry crochet before, but I love fair isle and it looked alot like that.  Turns out it’s very easy, and just like fair isle – it’s addictive.  Here’s a link to the pattern by Erssie Major.   I can hardly wait to wear them, but I think I might need to wait until the thermometer drops a bit lower.  WOOL of course!

Weaving – I SOOOOOOOO have this bug!  My heart just thumps and skips when I sit at the loom.  I’ve been so busy with my weaving over the past month or so.  I’ve had a ball picking through my stash for bits and pieces of long treasured WOOL.  I’ve been weaving blankets and scarves, placemats and towels.  Happy Happy Happy girl.

I finished the City Blocks table runner a while ago – I loved weaving it.  I still can’t believe that it turned out so well.  Red on one side and like a picnic cloth on the other!  I’ve discovered Jaggerspun Zephyr… so many shades and fabulous to weave with.  Lightweight scarves with beautiful twill patterns.  I haven’t forgotten my first little Cricket either… Quick little scarves in fun color combinations.

I’m experimenting too.  I learned a bit about lace with Deborah Chandler this summer and I’ve been trying to work it into my weaving.  The baby blanket above was woven with Cascade Heritage Silk on my Mighty Wolf.  I’ve been using Weave-It Pro to help me to see color and patterns before I set to weaving.  I used it to help me change the lace from a 4 harness pattern to use 6 harnesses so that I didn’t have to move heddles around.  I’m really pleased with the results.

And now for the latest…  I’m just giddy with pride on this one.  I’ve never tackled blocks before, but I have loved how they look.  Using Weave-It again, I started with a black and white draft and gradually added/changed the colors.  These will be kitchen towels – 4 beautiful towels.  The picture just doesn’t do them justice.  I started weaving this morning, and my pink measure string tells me that the first one is just about 4 inches from completion.

Cotton, not WOOL, but I still love them.

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  • Camille says:

    I’ve been oh so patiently waiting for your next blog segment to come out and it’s truly worth the wait! I have finally graduated past the stage of how all of the tiny stitches create such beautiful things.I finally admit that I am a fiber fondler – My love of yarnie – wooly, knitty things grows stronger every day.

    Thank goodness I have your beautiful shop to feed my addiction. Things that I can do – I buy and create with joy in my heart. Things that I’m curious about I wait for you to introduce. And I enjoy your enthusiasm! I watch as you smile while throwing a shuttle back and forth. It’s a delight to see your reaction as the pieces come to life.

    I’m not quite at the point that I feel that I can think of an idea, sketch it out, and then bring it to life like you, but I know it’s somewhere close in my future.

    For now, I’m just satisfied with walking in the door of your shop, breathing in the smells of yarnie-ness, fondling all of the new shiny fiber and enjoying a perfect latte in the company of my KnK family.

  • Robin Del Guidice says:

    I just love it when you do a new blog. Not only am I inspired to create but I so enjoy the way you write and the enthusiasm you impart. Keep it up.

    • Caroline says:

      Thanks Robin. If I would just sit down at the pc and write, maybe it wouldn’t be so long between posts. I do love it once I get started. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  • Susan Pritchard says:

    It has been some time since I have been in your shop, but I do love to read your blogs. I too share a passion for wool, especially shetland and merino. I don’t weave but am an avid or rabid spinner. I love to take the wools, blend with alpaca, bamboo, glitz or whatever after I have dyed them just to watch the colors blend as they all draft together. They all take the dye differantly so the blending is what I never get tired of. Thanks for sharing your passion. “Hair today yarn tomorrow” Susan P.

    • Caroline says:

      Thanks Susan. I’ve tried to spin with a drop spindle, but I am totally uncoordinated! I love to watch someone else spin – I find the draft fascinating. I’ve never watched someone blend fiber though… I imagine that might make me try it again – love the color opportunities.