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Sitting in the corner like a naughty child. The pressure has been building. My Mighty Wolf is naked.

…not for long!

I’ve selected my colors, drawn my draft. It’s time to release the Wolf!

Here’s the plan… Towels for the kitchen – 6 of them. Pretty jewel tones. 10/2 cotton. Point Twill with varying tie ups.

the draft

the drawdown

I’m heading for the warping board! Next up…

the fabric

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  • sun4izzi says:

    WowZers!! This is gorgeous, and I would love to ‘weave along’ with you on this project. I have a summer winter project due April 12th at the Guild, after that my loom is open.
    Is this a difficult weave pattern?
    Cheers from izzi Avis

    • Caroline says:

      Thanks Izzi. I’ve just finished measuring the warp and have started to thread the heddles. My planned pattern is pretty easy, so once I see how it’s working up, I’ll be glad to share the details with you. I’d love to have a “weave along”!

  • Camille Massey says:

    It’s going to be beautiful!