The Reveal

February 25, 2012 9:10 am | by

The first cut

It’s off!

I knew when I woke yesterday that it would be a special kind of day.  I’ve been dreaming in red for the last couple of nights, just waiting for the moment when it was time.   That moment came yesterday when “Something Red” was freed from her bondage of heddles and beams.

The removal

With a huge grin, I folded and folded and unrolled and unrolled, then I folded some more!  Yes, she’s beautiful!

Before the wash

I nearly ran to the table to see if my calculations had been correct.  Would it fit the way I’d dreamed?

Just a tad long before washing.  Still work to be done.

Gotta love this thing!

Washed and in her place of honor

She’s gorgeous, and ready for the world.  Come on Saturday folks… she’s ready for you!

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